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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Vogue Itallia against 'thinspiration'

Vogue Itallia have very recently released a campaign against pro anorexia websites. There are surprisingly so many websites that support the eating disorder by logging 'good process' towards loosing weight, logging diaries boasting of their tactics, and even containing forums where sufferers can communicate and support each other along the winding road that in reality leads to serious conditions: worst case scenario being death. 

The growing 'trend' amongst bloggers to do such things is apparently thought of as 'thinspiration'. Vogue Itallia teamed with the Association of eating disorders hoping that together (with Vogue's impact on the fashion industry, media and real women along with the associations knowledge of how eating disorders work and research on how the websites are kept fulled) they will get all such websites and blogs  shut down once and for all. 

I personally think that Vogue Itallia's campaign is nothing short of brilliance, though I can not help but wonder if they're still going to include stick think and unhealthy looking models in their pages. Either way I think it is a really good cause to support.

If you agree or want to find out more, then click on the link below to sign the official online petition for the campaign:

C'mon people- lets help make a difference. 

1 comment:

  1. well done, about time the fashion industry does something significant about this! Just hope its not a short term PR stunt...


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