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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Olive oil: For the kitchen or the beauty bag?

 Before we start... yes I know that a blog post about olive oil (on a supposed fashion blog) may seem to you a bit strange. But once you've finished reading, it may be all you talk about yourself.

Like many of you lot I always deny the condition of my hair, saying that there is really nothing wrong with it when the damage is obvious.

A victim of Ghd's, Blow drying, box upon box of hair dye, my hair has been a genuine trooper, but there is only so much one head of hair can take and I think is is safe to say that mine was in definite need of a conditioning mask: It is also safe to say though that no way could I afford one!

I could however easily afford a bottle of olive oil roughly £1.80 from asda. Now hear me out first, olive oil has been a hidden secret in the model industry for fixing damaged hair and maintaining healthy locks... so with not many other options, I thought id try it out.

So, I went and bought myself a bottle,  took it upstairs to the bathroom, and covered my hair in it - just like you would with shampoo. The great thing is that it wont drip, because the oil substance simply sticks to your hair! Think no oily puddles on your bathroom floor.

I decided to leave it in for roughly an hour (it is apparently recommended by some to leave it in for three hours at minimum... but yet again uni work was calling) . To get rid of the oil in my hair i washed it as I would usually, first shampoo: after which I got a bit worried as my hair felt a bit dry, and then conditioner: after which my worries vanished, and it felt softer than it had in a long time.

I dried my hair normally, which for me means a rough blow dry on a medium heat, and true to the rumors the olive oil worked. Silky, soft and briefly repaired, my hair has finally began to loose its damaged status.

So, basically olive oil works as a repair mask for those of you who would like to fix your damaged hair, like a repair mask you should repeat the process on a regular (weekly) basis to get your hair to reach its full potential.

I for one have made olive oil one of my top beauty products - and will be yet again lathering my hair in the stuff  very soon indeed.

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