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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

We love denim - but is it back for good ?!

I love the anticipated trend that is double denim ... this is fact. But is this trend one worth investing into? ...

Denim items are hard wearing practical and come in a various range from skinnies , carrot shaped and tapered jeans, they make our bums look as they've never looked before (in the good way ladies don't worry) and are now back in fashion for spring / summer 2010 with great thanks to Elle Magazine for basically settin their Feburary 2010 issue on the topic "all things denim".

The only thing that i was'nt too sure of with this trend , is the appeal to wear jeans ? Despite absolutley falling for the cute look of denim carrot shaped jeans with a pretty or military printed denim jacket , I for one never wear jeans. It just doesnt happen. Although they do make our bums look good, ive never really thought of jeans being a girl's best friend ( possibly after hours on end of shopping before ever actually finding that one pair that actually fit as if they were tailor made ).  But then i guess this could just be habit ... no ?

Well after much thought i figured i still wanted to march the Southcoast in the double denim look this season , and so took a trip to the highstreet to see if there was anything there a bit more to the girly side.  H&M have a huge section dedicated to the trend which i found quite impressive swaying me even closer to the full frontal denim trend, but I thought I had finally found my future buy in Topshop. A gorgeous printed floral bodycon dress that can either be dressed down for the daytime or dressed up for a night out, but then of course I found out from the sales assistant that they had completley sold out and may not be able to get anymore in ! ... typical drama eh ?

But before i go, my verdict is that yes the all things denim look is surely happening this spring summer, im just uppsettingly not quite sure if it will be happening for me.

So my search continues for that perfect denim buy. Lets cross our fingers now please people.   Luckily im off shopping today ... yes, i will keep you all updated . . <3 x

Return of the geek ?

Nerd glasses !
Geek glasses are finally about to take full grasp of the British High Street! In full Brit - tastick style, fashion icons such as Alexa Chung and Ashley Olsen  and hotties like justin timberlake are a few of the many celebrities spotted bringing sexy back to Nerd World.

So how can we rock this new trend? ... Fear not, highstreet stores such as Topshop, River island, Zara and Accessorize will be keeping plenty in stock this spring / summer to feed our addiction. But to give you a little secret - want a cheap alternative ? Pop in to Primark for a basic style of sun shades ...

... and quite simply pop out the plastic lenses ! The good thing about this is not only that they are cheap , but primark do a vast range of frames on their basic sunnies, from plain chic black to floral designs and retro block colours - sure to keep to stylish this summer!

Bought your ticket for Reading yet ?

Yes Yes Yes! That certain time of year has come when we're all fed up with gloomy winter days and just want to see a bit of sun. So what do we do ? ... buy our festival tickets for 2010 of course!

Having never been to a festival , im only excited and motivated to go so much this year due to the likes of their reputations. Okay so there's the mud, but there's also new music, hot eye candy, alternative fashionistas and a weekend to remember forever - along with chockingly cool and embarrassing photos to keep forever ... unless your camera gets stolen!

But I AM looking forward to the Reading festival this year, and will be buying my ticket soon enough! One other thing i have been tempted to buy for the event is a straw trilby, i think there going to be a HUGE trend all over the festival season this year.

The two looks im considering are :
a/ To pay a visit to tomboy town  and wrap an old tie around where the ribbon should be. Effortlessly funky.
b/ To turn into a complete and utter festival queen hippie and sew on some fake flowers around the sides ?

The best thing is , although the posh one's are quite expensive, its vintage in these days (and cheap!!!) to run down to the charity shop and pick one up for a couple of quid. Okay .. so maybe reframe from actually running to the charity shop for one yeah? Their not actually that trendy ... yet!

The new haircut of 2010 ?

Recently , whilst watching a music video on youtube, i came across what may look to be the new haircut for 2010. This strikingly punk meets pretty hairstyles has taken hollywood by storm by the likes of Cassie and Rihanna.Undoubtably this haircut has an aquired taste, but i dont personally think that any regular Joe or Sally could pull this one off ...

Dont get me wrong, i do like it (i think) i just wish  the shaved head look would suit me too! Looking at the two of the many ways in which this haircut is being worked by the A listers, i quite like Rihanna's mohaug version and like the two colours her stylists have worked into it! She's definatley got the two - textured hair look nailed.

Still unsure of whether this cut will find itself as the next pob or pixie cut in the British Public, ill leave you with this question, Would you get it done in your local hairdressers? As stylish as it is , i dont think so ... unless it is your plan to be walking the red carpet any time soon?

Who Loves Florence Welch ? We do ...

When ever i think about/ see a photograph of or hear about Florence Welch , the singer in the collaboration Florence and the Machine, one word comes to mind. Jealous. Im not going to lie, when she first hit the screens of MTV and TMF music channels, i was a bit suprised and unsure as to whether or not she would actually last. Unlike Shakira, Beyonce, Girls aloud, Fergie or any other mainstream act Florence Welch hit the music industry with a breath of fresh air which in her case was her  individuality and her firey red lucious locks.
Okay, so she has been recognised by her music far more than for her dress attire , but i for one think that this miss is one super stylish layde.
I love love love this outfit , for the simple reason that its grundge meets rock chick (one of my new found favourite styles) but still looks femenine thanks to the tulip shaped skirt and the floral print on her bag!
This has been quite a key look down south this winter, where girls all over the South Coast have been rocking leather jackets and lace up boots!