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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Festival fashion: How to wear a band T shirt

So, Reading festival lineup and tickets will be available from Monday, March 21st... THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. I have been so excited that Ive been rapidly snooping around the 'net to find something I think everyone will more or less be wearing to festivals worldwide this year. Would you like to know what I found? I found the band t-shirt. Okay so not a major discovery on the 'new trends' front as band t shirts have been big way before I was even born. But there are in fact new ways to wear it, and I'm going to show you how. 

The t shirt in particular that I found was this over sized Rolling Stones top available for £30 at sugar bullets (an online alternative and pretty funky clothing boutique). It's such a typically 'cool' top, and can be worn in so many different ways - but be warned as there are also ways NOT to wear this top. Lucky for you your eyes will be blinded to the fashion fugitive ways - as I'm going to give you different looks to try out with your band t shirt this year.

Look 1 is a very fashionable look for the festival rock chick. Add lots of KOHL eye liner, pop some dry shampoo in your bag, rock the matted 'no care' hair style and you'll certainly make a statement to remember! 

Look 2 is the perfect festival outfit for the pretty grunge / grunge revival chick. My favourite item from this outfit has to be the Hunter wellies - okay, so you may need to save a little to get them, but we ALL should know how essential wellies are for festivals - and these ones can style up any outfit giving them that finished 'grundgey' hint with their biker boot aura. Again remember the dry shampoo (it really is a life saver), and for you I also recommend some eye blinding red lipstick. 

Look 3 will suit any pretty denim diva. The sheer lux socks are a steal from American apparel at $15 (approximately £10 in UK)  and will bring the outfit right up to date. Opt for a simple over the shoulder bag - black would be the easy option, as it wont draw too much away from the simplicity of the denim. Throw your hair up in a top knot and attack it with the beautiful butterfly clips as seen in the photo above from: I kick shins. Short hair?! Scruff it up and let these butterflies loose.

So there we have it! The simplest three top ways to wear a band t shirt this festival season. Try them out and experiment a bit with your style. Remember - even the Hollywood diva's get gritty at these events so don't be afraid if you have to grunge it up a little. It works - its called grunge revival, and can really be altered to any look.

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