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Friday, 18 March 2011

BLOGGER OF THE WEEK: Eccentric Behaviour

This week, Typed up thoughts blogger of the week is Shelly Abramovich. She is fourteen and runs a fabulous blog called Eccentric Behaviour. I stumbled across her blog whilst looking through friends of followers and was definitely impressed by what she has accomplished. The look to me shouts out art, culture and fashion. The content is interesting, and it looks so enticing to read. She has a great balance of images and text and overall I believe has a very successful blog. Here is a quick Q & A I had with Shelly.

1/ what made you start blogging?
 I've always loved fashion, music and art, and I always had a thing for books and magazines as well, so I was thinking of combining all that to express myself, and the result = blogging!

Shelly showing off a bit of style!
2/ how long have you been blogging for ?
I've been blogging since I was 9 or 10, but that was just an online diary. Serious blogging started at around September of 2010.

3/ do you have any other blogs going at the moment?
Nope, Eccentric Behavior is my only blog. I have Twitter and Facebook though.

4/ what do you think makes a good blog?
The content. If the content is boring, no one will read your blog. The content has to be well balanced and has to appeal to wide range of audiences, but you still have to have a certain focus on what you're mainly writing about. If it's all pictures, I personally loose interest in the blog. But on the other hand, if it's all text, I get really stressed and I kind of 'need' that visual component to be there as well.

5/ what would you say your favourite blog is at the moment?
My favorite blogs at the moment are Style Rookie and Fashions Religion. (links: and

6/ what inspires you to keep blogging?  and what inspires you to write about what you write about?
 I get inspired by... everything really. Just little things in life, a scent of a candle, the color of the sunset, the texture of a designer leather bag, certain influential people. Inspiration is everywhere, it depends on if you see it or not. Those inspirations transform into a mood, and by sort of using that mood - I write, and post pictures, put together an outfit, etc.

7/ have you learnt anything from keeping a blog?
You have to have passion for what you do. And that passion is going to help you move forward, ignore the negativity and pursue what you want to achieve.

8/ what are your interests? e.g. what music / films / hobbies do you like?
Oh wow, well, I have a lot, but I like art (I draw and sketch a lot, I love watercolors), fashion, music, popular culture, movies (drama, action, romantic comedies... I like everything except of horror.), sports (swimming, especially), reading (I'm a bookworm), writing, I love all things nature, and the list goes on and on. :)

9/ what is your favourite fashion trend?
I love bright colors, but well balanced, not over the top. I love everything 60's and 80's. Something bright and funky, well put together but not too dramatic. I'm not a trend follower though, I go by my own mood! Oh, and pastels, I love pastels!

10/ what is your #1 tip for keeping a good blog?
Just be yourself. Sometimes all the things around you pressure you to be someone your not, so you have to overcome that. Know your stuff, and keep a good balance between text and visual components. Try your best, and most importantly love it and be passionate about it - people will see that and love it.

To have a look at Shelly's blog click on the link below:

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1 comment:

  1. Ive seen this girls blog a few days ago, saw it while i was on my mates blog. I liked it a lot and I agree that it has the right amount of writing to go with the pics :) it has a great look.
    I like the Q&A here too- great tips from shelly!!!!! I might start a blog too ?!
    Thanks luv Emmy xx


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