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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Don't you just love this look! I certainly do! I wont lie as it is not often I really venture my way through Look book... it is actually quite a new thing for me despite the fact its been around ages! Anyway, it took me ages but I finally found something I really really liked:

Basically this girl has her own profile on Look Book (a website made up of photos of real peoples individual styles) and her link is:
She's called Nichieme S and she's 24 years old. What else? Oh yeah - she has an utterly devinne style.
She has 20 looks and although they are all quite refreshing, some are better than others, but I particularly adore this look. The clogs - amazing. I myself have a pair of clogs - aviator style, and seeing this look really wants me to learn to walk in them properly!The maxi skirt is actually to die for: it is very
D&G S/S 2011 - Esq  and she has definitely made it work to her advantage.
What do you guys think? Have a look at her looks and let me know!

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