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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Festival Hair ideas: GLITTER NEVER FAILS

So with festival line - ups being released all over the 'net, radio and TV (Music channels etc.) I have been racking my brains with ideas on how to 'fashionize' festival hair.

My first thoughts were plaits, messy top knots, back combed barnets and LOTS of dry shampoo - but these are the choices we have every year as lets face it, its not like you can take your GHDs or curling tongs to Glastonbury!

Then I got thinking - what if we could bring a bit of glits'n glamour to our hair do's this festival season?!

Metallics are set to be a BIG trend for FALL 2011  and we are sure to see fashion guru's world wide picking the trend up and trying it out a few months before it reaches the limelight. Why don't you be one of them?!

As seen in the photo to the right hand side, Jason Wu collaborated the funky trend into his 'sophisticated' runway show. Obviously this hair do is a little bit 'up town' for a festival, but you can get the look right if your prepared to get a little messy. But your in a festival - your going to get messy anyway, so why not do it with a bit of style?

You can add this trend to all sorts of hair styles, all you literally need to do is to paint it on - no hair dye, just a bit of gel and glitter.

All you need to do is get your hands on some coloured gel - what colour totally depends on the colour you want the glitter in your hair to be, so if you want gold get some gold hair gel, if you want to be daring get some red... I'm sure you understand.

Your then going to need to get some matching glitter that you can mix into the gel and sprinkle on top... so again the colour of the glitter you want totally depends on the your personal colour preference. 

You then need to style your hair - shove it up in a top knot, tie it in a plait... the choices are endless.
Mix in some glitter with the gel, and then paint it onto your styled hair wherever you want it.
Sprinkle on some more glitter over the top of the gel to get the finished look.

Although Jason Wu used coloured gel - I personally think it would look just as good, if not better with clear gel... and multicoloured glitter?!

Its certainly a look ill be trying out this summer. Its an easy way to add a bit of runway fashion to your everyday summer look... in and out of the festivals.

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