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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

How to wear stripes. S/S 2011

Stripes seem to be very in Vogue at the time being, whether you're a lover or a hater of this stripy takeover you will not be able to escape them this up and coming season - They. Are. Every where.

I  wont lie... I never used to be a fan. Rumours say they make anyone who doesn't look like a stick thin size zero model look wider than anyone could imagine. But having researched I found that this isn't true. NOW I LOVE STRIPES. However, they can and most probably will make you look wide if you wear them the wrong way - so that's where I am stepping in to help. We should all be able to experiment with fashion trends without having to be anorexic - so below are a few of the trendiest ways to be wearing the fashionably striped look this summer without looking like a whale. Enjoy! 

Colour blocking is a look we are all (or at least all should be) familiar with by now. There are ways to get it right and wrong - the important rule here is to remember that clashing your colours is a must! If you decide to opt for a stripy jumpsuit (striped jumpsuits have been seen all over the runways worldwide, and are exactlly what you want if your looking to update your wardrobe) then team it with a bright blazer - clashing waist handbag for an outfit worthy of a cover shoot for the likes of Vogue- And before you ask - yes, it's a bumbag... and yes, much to everybodies surprise it's also on trend.
Now who said your work clothes cant be fashionable? Stripes are so easy to fit into a proffessional look for a long day at the office. I personally think a baggy striped top looks great tucked into some tailored tan trousers... it makes a statment whilst being neutral. Finish off the look with striped accessories, but remember to vary the pattern a bit - by this I mean if you go for narrow width striped shoes, go for a wider width striped handbag & vice versa.  Rather than a messy top knot - yes I said it, tie your hair back in a slick pony tail to add a final look of fashionable professionalism to your ensemble.

This final look is a little more fun and daring! Now, unless your Kate Moss DO NOT, I repeat do not try and match the stripes exactlly - for example don't try to team black and white stripes with black and white stripes. Stripes on stripes is quirky, so why not play on this? Instead go for pink stripes on top and blue stripes on the bottom?! A bit of messing around with colour never hurt anyone! 
A little secret -  it works best to keep the brighter / louder shades for you smaller half. For example if your curvier on your bottom half than you are on your torso, then keep the brighter shades for your torso as it will help even your shape out!


Thursday, 19 May 2011

GAGA... Give me your jacket.

I am neither a lover or a hater of the often talked about Lady Gaga. However, I am a big fan of her recently new song Judas. Its catchy, has a great beat to dance to, and is definitely a belter! Ive seen the music video for Judas only a couple of times, but something in it definitely caught my eye:


So you saw the leather jacket? I like it. I want it... but its summer - so unless you plan to wear it with a bra and some dainty knickers over a pair of tights - like Lady Gaga, then it might be a little to hot to wear it.

 I mean yes, by all means go for it: 'biker' chic is always in fashion, and if you wear it with a head scarf like Lady Gaga does in Judas, then it will look very stylish indeed. However I for one, would like a more wearable version for the summer season...  think lighter fabric, sleeveless - still keeping hold of the studs and biker esq. inspiration.

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything I really liked on the Internet - so instead I urge you to do a bit of D.I.Y. get a denim jacket / leather jacket/ PVC jacket a pair of scissors and some studs.
  • Chop the sleeves off - their too hot, last season, and boring - so away with the sleeves please.
  • Next embellish the jacket to your hearts content- the technique I think looks best when finished is to embellish it from the collar outwards.

Ive had fun customizing jackets before - for an example look at my previous post: customized denimz.
I would also urge that you have a look around for your favourite styles - how long you want it, what fabric you want your jacket in, what embellishment you want to throw all over it... because the limits are endless and it is totally up to you how cool or chic your jacket ends up looking - with or without the Gaga style bra & panties. Anyway, you know what to do - so have fun!


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Who said Country & Western can't be glam?!

So many people seem to be interested in the Western style emerging this summer... but don't want to experiment with it as they think they'll look like John Wayne! Here is an idea of how to get the trend right for all you glamorous girlie's... now its your turn. Have fun!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Thinking up a new trend

Remember my blog posts 'Thinking up a new trend' ? Well I have now began posting the results.
click here: Thinking up a new trend: One photograph - more to come...

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mothers day (U.S.A STYLE)

So for all you mothers - or even mum's to be, viewing this blog from across the pond (America) I would like to say to you a Happy Mothers Day. Today I want you to go and buy or bake yourself some cupcakes. I mean all you mothers deserve one - and if your not from the U.S.A, perhaps you can pretend that you are for the special occasion? Think of it as a little gift to yourself for all those hard days work.

Why cupcakes? Well basically there are 365 days in a year... one of which allows you to sit back and be thanked and appreciated for all the motherly duties you do on a day to day basis.

Now what are you waiting for? ... Ready, steady, bake!


Saturday, 7 May 2011

And so the rain begins...

As we speak, I am writing this blog post in the living room - listening to the rain hammering down the window. I was only just thinking about what to post on Typedupthoughts, when the rain began, which got me thinking... whilst we have been enjoying our early summer, it seems we have completely skipped the April showers? Or maybe they are just a little late... who knows.

Either way, I know how hard it is to find a stylish coat to wear during the summer - without looking like you've just transferred into the country from Alaska. So just in case, I decided to do a little post on stylish coats & raincoats to fashion your wardrobe this Spring / Summer.
The first style I came across was this gorgeous patent MAC raincoat - and I definitely fell in love with it! It is available online and in stores from Topshop. Something about it reminds me of Paddington bear - which I love. But also in these three fabulous colours, you will be right on trend whether you decide to opt for colour blocking (with the yellow / red coat) or a bit of classic nautical style (the navy coat of course). I think it is sade to say that I'm thinking of adding the yellow one to my hit list.

What one takes your fancy?


Thursday, 5 May 2011

My new Geppetto shoes.

Yesterday, I decided that I would allow myself a little shop - seen as I had been working hard on deadlines over the last month. So, I popped for a little look into Primark (nearly the only shop that meets my price range right now) and found a lovelly pair of brogues, and a clutch bag.

Bag - £6 Primark.
Brogues - £12 Primark.

Being a student I did feel quite guilty spending £18.00 on a pair of shoes and a bag, but I'm trying to look at it this way - I need a new pair of shoes, because all I have at the moment are a pair of biker boots, and pair of shearling aviator boots, needles to say these wont be doing me for summer. As for the bag? Well that was just nice, and I think it went well with the shoes. They do say that for every pair of shoes you have, you need a matching bag, so that was enough in justifying my spending!

It was much to my housemates humour however that I actually went ahead in buying the shoes. Yes, I was shocked too.  I don't think she quite gets the big fuss on brogues - I however love them. As soon as I picked them up in Primark, she burst into fits of giggles, only just about managing to blurt out the word 'Geppetto'. Later on when I asked her to explain her outburst at Primark, she told me that the shoes I had just bought resembled that of the shoes worn by 'Geppetto' in Pinocchioo - Now, she insists I call them my Geppetto shoes.

Okay, so they may be similar, but I really like them. I think their cute, sophisticated, smart and quite fashionable as it goes. They follow the trend set my Prada (amongst many others) seen at fashion week called 'suiting up' which is a trend that is highly male influenced - it is just up to you how colourful, girly, masculine or neutral you want to make it.

I want to bring them a bit up to date, so today I think I shall be wearing them with a pair of denim shorts, a pale moss green over sized top and of course the clutch bag. I think the jade green on the bag and pale moss green on the top will clash perfectly - without trying to sound too garish, contrasting colours are okay this season so it will work... I promise you.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Met Ball 2011: OUTFIT SPYING

So the last night celebrities of high status gathered at the Met ball, this year in honour of Alexander McQueen. As expected, each and everyone of them seemed as if they were trying to upstage each other on the best outfit front... but who was really worth a mention?! 

As you all know, I do quite like Alexa Chung. I used to find her quite, well without trying to sound too rude - quite annoying. But over the past year I have really grown to like her. Needles to say, she looked fabulous at the Met Ball. She wore a short matt sequined dress (daring for such an event) by Christopher Kane, but it worked - and she certainly pulled it off as stylish as ever.

Frida Pinto stepped onto the red carpet with a new look that is to emerge from the catwalks this up and coming autumn. The tuxedo trend. Rather than going for a typical suit however, she rolled up in a silk dress by Chanel. Quite unusual - but also quite interesting. Did it work?... I'm not  too sure on my opinion for this one yet.

The colour of mid night royal blue is almost never worn these days - how have we forgotten about it? Maggie Gyllenhaal looked absolutely stunning in this dress by Stella McCartney. One thing though Mag's, the dress is a bit see through, you may want to wear a bra next time. Over all though - how to describe it but beautiful?! 

Jessica Alba looked like a glowing star in her gold dress by Ralph Lauren. They do say your at your most beautiful when pregnant, and I think if anything she backs up that saying.

Last but not least - I have to mention Brooklyn Decker. She wore a fluorescent hot pink dress by Michael Kors that certainly captured every ones attention. In true summer style, she showed the 'paps' how to block party.  

What would you have worn to the Met ball? Who do you think should be crowned best dressed?


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Happy May Day!

In the depth of all the bank holidays we have had this last month, it could be easy to forget about May Day - but that does not mean it has gone anywhere. I officially wish all you bloggers a happy May Day - and happy it should be, as most of you will have the day off work!

The short holiday originates from pre christian times, apparently with the festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers - sounds lovely doesn't it! So in true May Day style I have decided to post a little outfit suggestion for you all to lounge in whilst enjoying your day off.

Now most of you will recognize the picture above from fashion magazines, as it is one spread from the advertising campaign for D&G Summer 2011. I thought this would be appropriate as May day - originating from its collaboration with the festival of Flora (connected to the Roman goddess of flowers) kind of just screamed out that I opt for the Floral trend. 

Florals are big this summer so I guarantee that if you pop on even the simplest floral dress today, you will be the envy of all your friends! 

I suggest this ASOS Cape back floral dress for only £45. It can be worn with sandals for day time wear, or be dressed up with some nude heels and a patent handbag for a night out!

The gorgeous pattern is very flattering and sends off summer vibes in every direction. 

These pleats on the neck line add some depth and detail to the simple cut piece. Great for some 'effortless' looking style to add to your wardrobe!

What more is there to say? Make this the buy of your day, and enjoy the compliments that come rolling in your way this May Day. Enjoy...


Trend report: Autumn / Winter 2011.

Autumn/ winter 2011 – 12 at London fashion week gave us an array of trends to snuggle up to over the long winter months. It seems that whatever your taste, this winter there will be a trend to suit everyone.

From striking statement fabrics (by Fendi), contemporary sixties attire (by Prada) to forties reminiscent designs (by Miu Miu) and in such contrast even contemporary male influence styled clothing (by Chanel), there literally is something for everyone in the fashion industry to take an interest in.

Just like Mary Quant re invented the skirt, the catwalks for this winter have re invented texture. We’ve seen numerous attempts at fashion week where designers have tried to get texture to catch on amongst fashion editors, fashion gurus and the rest of the world, but this year the designers made a concerted effort giving us a mix of sequin and wool coats, jackets and blazers, cotton trousers, fur coats, suede dresses, laced blouses and silk scarves.

Top designers put together metallic sequined and wool blazers teamed with sheer white shirts and cotton trousers (D&G), sequined shift dresses with fur stoles (Prada) and velvet tops both with hand fringed, and silk trousers (Michael Van Der Ham).

Less established designers certainly came as tough competition with selections of contrasting, loud and vivid designs. Who thought what sounds so wrong could actually be so right? Mary Katrantzou brought new ideas to the table with her flamboyant cyber space – themed patterns and Japanese inspired structured designs.

A couple of Mary Katrantzou's flamboyant designs for A / W 2011.
As far as clothes themselves are concerned whether it was shift dresses, trousers, skirts, blouses or blazers, detailed tailoring is definitely set to make an impression amongst fashion retailers, editors, buyers and followers.

Forties styled dresses and coats became the be all and end all to grace the runways by Miu Miu. They captured an essence of the jubilant forties twisted into modern day attire (large sleeves, modern paneling etc.).

The runways skipped a decade and threw us into fashion frenzy in accordance with the sixties. Shift dresses, mini skirts and blouses came bursting at us at Prada’s show. The colour palette a mixture of nude and bronze’s placed in what you could call a rainbow of bright colours.

Seventies wide legged trousers a.k.a plazzo pants stormed the runways earlier this year, but whilst they have still been a key item on the catwalks this season, they have been tweaked a little having been designed with lower waist bands, and unusual fabrics – think satins, silks and corduroy.

D&G and Chanel favoured men’s attire for their shows. They suited their models up in shirts, blazers and tailored trousers and skirts giving them a feminine touch with various use of textures – matted sequins were obviously a must.

Leighton Meester looking great as ever in her Prada male influenced suit for A / W 2011.
The rest of fashion week was full of numerous designers giving us a sneak peek into the future. Bright colours, cyber – themed patterns, shiny & matt fabrics… it were as if everything had been chucked together to create beautiful new shapes and trends to come. Louise Gray is a designer to look out for: she really pushed the boat with makeup design for this futuristic trend.

So there we have it: the main trends to look out for over the winter months of 2011 – 12.
The trends you should favour have to be texture, forties nostalgia and suiting up in men’s attire. They are the trends that we predict will catch on this year whilst the others may take an extra 12 months or so!

Now you have the trends all explained, you can begin collecting your winter wardrobe items over summer - It may seem a little early, but this is how the fashion industry works, so like it or lump it!

What trend will you be wearing this winter?


Royal Manicure?

These are the nails tweeted by Katy Perry in honour of the Royal Wedding earlier this weekend. Along with the photo, she tweeted:

"In honour of the Royal Wedding, I present you... My royal NAILS! CONGRATS!"
Renowned for her super stylish taste in manicure designs, Katy will most definitely have pleased her British fans with her latest set! Whilst I think they look fabulous and are very patriotic, I am not too sure if I would go that far to celebrate the event. Would you?...  although I guess that having Prince Wills face stuck to your nails to look at all day mustn't be that bad!