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Monday, 7 March 2011

Clash for a crazy night out

Still not sure how to match your brights?! Good - because they are in fact meant to clash. This would be a perfect outfit for a night out. Note that if you r graced with curves like me then opt for vertical stripes if you can find them as they help lengthen out your silhouette making you appear slimmer. However with this kind of ensemble, the bright colours will carry the eye away from unflattering areas such as the tummy so don't worry if you really want to go for horizontal stripes.

 Tie your hair in a messy top knot & keep in place with curby grips and hairspray - keep your make up to the minimum apart from some kohl eyeliner - yes I am allowing you to go crazy to an extent (a good tip to ensure it doesn't rib off during the night is to keep it at arms reach in your handbag).


  1. You're sooo ahead of the game - I see it on your blog one month - I see it in a glossy the next!!! You are the Jamie Oliver of fashion!

  2. Why thanks! What a big compliment... I never really think of myself like that AT ALL but a compliment is nice every now and then!

    Glad you enjoy the blog... keep reading! xx


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