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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Vintage shopping? New York? Don't mind if I do...

New York VINTAGE: Service to the likes of Beyonce, VOGUE and
 many more...
Vintage shopping has been in my life now for a couple of years. Its great for getting some unique, good quality and stylish steals.  Normally bagging my bargains in charity shops and car boot sales I was ecstatic to be able to walk into some vintage stores during my time in new york.

The first we visited was New York Vintage on 25th street, Chelsea, New York which happens to be right in the heart of New York's fashion district.

On our first steps into the store, my jaw certainly dropped at the amount of beautiful things to be seen. Bags, jewellery, hats and shoes were scattered about enticingly around the simply gorgeous vintage dresses. The dresses resembled everything I love about past era fashions... there were Audrey Hepburn style, smart and sophisticated pencil dresses next to flamboyant eighties apple green sequined tutu frocks! Fabulous!

The star status of this place was obvious. Prices were sky high and one room was private for celebrity and industry viewing only... and even then by appointment. Along the walls were framed and signed photographs of celebrities who had been there to shop, and other framed photographs of fashion spreads from the likes of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar featuring one off beautiful garments from the store itself.

Although I could not afford anything,  I can not describe how privileged and star struck I still feel even just to have been able to browse around the store.

More to my price range, was the Vintage flea market we attended in the fashion district. Here there were stalls upon stalls of vintage wonders waiting to be sold. Fur gillets, Blazer jackets, jewellery and brogue's to books, records and other collectible items. It was like a dream - and a real eye opener to see just how valued vintage in fashion really is. To my memory it was sort of a cross between a market in south London and the antiques roadshow - maybe with a splash of class and pure fabulousness!

I think the best and busiest stall was Lulu's vintage lovelies. She had a range of vintage clothing for versatile tastes - and she obviously had a love for handbags.

This is where I found the best buy I've probably had in years: a Ralph Lauren, real life leather clutch bag with a matching wallet inside. And guess how much? only $10... which is probably about £8 in the UK. And yes actually- its all genuine.

I really like it - perfect with an off white chiffon dress and knee high socks!! I had a brilliant time vintage shopping in New York - and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who gets the chance! This really is one of my lovelies - and I know it will be forever treasured along with it's memories.

In need of some vintage inspiration? Visit:

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  1. Wow! I felt as though I was walking through the streets of the big apple with you myself there for a minute! Sounded really up there in the 'shop till you drop' stakes - let me at those bargains!


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