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Friday, 1 April 2011


"Dress for the job you want... not the job you have."  
- Jenny Dickinson, Deputy editor of Elle UK.

"Make no job too large or too small"
- Alexandra Shakespeare, Web editor Haper's Bazaar.

These were amongst the many advising tips that I picked up from industry editors at a fashion journalism event yesterday evening. Having always forever wanting to work at Elle magazine I was star struck to meet the deputy editor (soon to be acting editor) of the best selling print magazine just yesterday evening.

An industry event was being held at my university and Id had my ticket a week ago, so as you can imagine seven days on from getting the invitation - I did feel a bit nervous. But to my surprise they were lovely, friendly, approachable and chatty... nothing like the pre conceptions we seem to have of fashion editors nowadays think Anna Wintour who has the reputation of an ice queen because her mannerisms are supposedly very abrubt and cold to those below her rank - Safe to say I dont believe this is true after meeting Jenny and Alexandra. 

They gave great advice  and tips on how to suceed in the industry and reassuringly blew out all rumours of mode styled, white and bitchy offices: apparently the Elle offices are anything but - grey, stained, aging carpets with a team of co - workers who get on well and all count to the success of the magazine. 

According to both Jenny and Alex, both companies i.e. Elle and Harper's Bazaar are always looking for interns and often keep them on for as long as possible as they are oh so handy to have running around the offices helping out with jobs that other people may not particularly want to do. They said that the vital things to remember are to dress to impress - after all you are going to a fashion magazine - not the dry cleaners, and to know the publication inside out. They also mentioned that whilst they like those who have managed to get some work experience in the bag, they prefer people who show initiative and have done things for themselves, attempted in starting a magazine, clothing line or blog like there is no tomorrow. Basically if you put the work in... your set to rack in the rewards.

Before I go - I think ill be nice and fill you in on what you probably want to find out most: what were they wearing? 

In true expected style, Jenny Dickinson (deputy editor of Elle) strutted her way into the event room wearing a grey matt sequin embelished jumper, tucked into a panneled knee length black A - line skirt with some grey knitted tights and Cerise pink suede stilletouhes with a patent rouge heel. Genious. 

Alexander Shakespeare (Web editor of Harpers) took a chic take on the nautical trend that is set to re occur this up and coming season. She wore pinn legged trousers, with a blue and white sailor style striped top and finished the look off beautifully with a navy blazer. 


  1. That first quote is great.
    I LOVE Elle :)
    If you haven't got it already - the latest edition has a feature about thier interns x

  2. Sounds so cool - we should catch up and fill each other in on our events! P.S. so glad you have twitter now!!

  3. Katie: No unfortunatley I do not yet have my hands on the current copy of Elle... try not to worry - I'm not going crazy, I'm going to get myself one by the end of the week! xx

    Stephanie: Yes Yes Yes we need a catchup... skype later? Be there or be square. xx


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