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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Anna Sui says Tights ... and we say Yes Please !

Autumn / Winter 2010

Yes, trends are currently being set for Autumn / winter 2010 / 11 , and as far as Anna Sui's collection goes , I dont think I could possibly get anymore excited! One definate statement of Anna Sui's collection this season have to be the printed tights . My favourite pair has to be the red and gold pair photographed in the picture above. One word to describe them ? Divine ... obviously. They look beautiful, classy, and certain on finishing off any outfit.

However if you want a more casual look this winter. How about going for the preppy / casual look from the House of Holland runway? Sure works for me. I love the colouring of the turquoise and lilac being put together - for two colours you wouldn't usually dare pair up they work well don't they ?

Matter of actual fact is that fashion forecasters have set their eyes on printed tight for next season. So for those of you who dont like to splurge much needed dosh on fashion accessories for some insane reason, maybe start saving? because these beauties are certainly going to be a must this winter!

Dont get your knickers in a twist! ...

It has long been a frowned upon decision to wear underwear as outerwear, as not only has it been looked upon to be ‘tarty’  - but it looks awful and is very hard to pull off without looking like someone who has stumbled out of a late night brothel. However, this year underwear has been set to be a big trend. Bra’s, knickers and stockings rocked the S/S 2010 Catwalks this year and we are already seeing them worn by celebrities, and a 'brief' few daring diva’s on occasional nights out.

Underwear has been a big thing since the sixteenth century when women would wear bodices, corsets and farthingale hoops to shape the body and overdresses.
Although they didn’t display much underwear as part of their outfit, they did used to occasionally wear linen chemises with large collars and ruffles as underwear that was visible to see. However it didn’t really become popular as a fashion in itself until the 1920’s.

Women have always liked to play with sexual desire in putting parts of underwear on show as part of an outfit. But has it always been successful? It is no word of lie that there has always been predijuice towards women who chose to have their knickers on show, as society will put them into a certain social class - and obviously, I am not talking about the type of people who would wine and dine with the queen - more like those who would wine and dine with the likes of belle de jour and her call girl friends. So maybe it just hasn’t been successful because of society, snide comments about the dress choice (mainly made by the older generation and the upper class) and the fact that it has always just been deemed inappropriate and offensive to do so.

So why is it that all of a sudden there seems to be bras, knickers, thongs, stockings and corsets being thrown about all over the fashion industry? I personally think that it has become more fashionable recently as women are confident in showing off their dominance in sexuality. But fear not, we are not talking about dominance in sexuality to the extent that there will be bondage bras on show everywhere, instead, the catwalks will be seducing high street shoppers and fashionistas world wide by seductively layering underwear to create a sexy yet sweet and feminine finished look. Marc Jacobs decided to layer a baby blue silk bra over a dusky pink blouse, managing to create the look which didn’t scream out ‘I want sex’ – which is good as nobody wants to be screaming that out to the world. Go for pastels and nude numbers to steer clear of setting off the wrong impression.

The best thing about this look? Anyone can do it. It doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is to stick to the right colours and spend some time down in vintage shops and markets to gather up some retro shapes and sultry styled garments. If you do however feel a little daring try layering the look with light blouses, long sleeved t-shirts and blazers or try accessorizing the look with the statement of bold jewellery. Either way you’re bound to hit this new trend right where it’s at.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

printed pants !!

Before you think ive gone totally underwear mad, no - i am not going to try and push the public into wearing printed pants in the sense of wearing floral knickers / bloomers rather than trousers or skirts ! This is much better ...

Thanks to one of my friends kindly persuading me to have a look at some clothes on the internet ( which for those of you who don't know , i am not supposed to be doing at the moment as im trying to recover myself financially from being a complete shopaholic! ) i came across a new phenomenon future buy in my life. Printed pants , the trend other wise being known as and nicknamed ' pajama trousers ' .

No they are not actual pajama trousers , but have gained this nickname because of their likeness towards them. Basically this new trend for spring / summer 2010 covers any style of trousers - carrot shaped, tailored, harem, skinny jean etc that have been made using printed fabric. My favourite one's so far have all been in ditsy pretty and floral prints, and i think they would look fab with some bicker books, a plain vest top and a denim jacket for nice day during summer!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

I Blame CoCo

Last night, i thought id treat myself to a night out with some friends who were going to a small alternative club in southampton called Unit. If youve never been there, my first impressions were sceptical, but it was deffinatley somewhere id be happy to go to again on a night out!

Whilst standing and chatting to friends in the smoking area, one of my friends suddenly stopped mid conversation and whispered "Omg is that Coco" ... at this point we had all had a few drinks and thought she was being a bit delusional as we don't know of anyone called Coco.  However, we were soon proved wrong when we turned around to see non other than Coco Sumner ( Otherwise known as Stings daughter and the main singer of the indie / dance / pop band 'I blame Coco' )  .

Wearing an over sized dinner shirt buttoned right up to the top and  black shiny tights, she finished off the look with smoky eyes , nude lips and  above shoulder length matted backcombed waves in a middle parting. Totally Grunge Chick - and she pulled it off effortlessly.

About half an hour later, it was time for her performance on stage ... having never actually heard of her before i was quite impressed . She certainly had stage presence and began the show with her new personally written song - Caesar  (which also features Robyn, and was supposedly written to get back at her record label who wouldnt let her experiment in different types of music - Caesar being her old record label in this song!! ) She sang the night through to early morning whilst keeping the crowd happy and keeping the up the party vibe!

On waking up this morning i You Tubed her band, and must admit got a bit addicted to a couple of her songs!

Like it ??!! Then download it on 4 Shared Music for free  - I did , and haven't stopped listening to it since!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Manolo's done it again ...

Just when we thought we had seen Manolo at the peak of his career as a shoe designer, he recently released his designs for Autum Winter 2010 - and Oh My are they beautiful.

The new 'axe' heel , creates a curve in the ankle that in his words -
"makes the leg look so great, so sexy and so cute".  Unlike the 'silent movie vamps' who inspired the brand spanking new designs, everyone is set to know about  his new collection for the simple fact that the collection is breathtaking, and truly unlike any other pair of heels shopaholics and fashionistas worldwide have ever laid eyes on.

My favourite of the designs he has released has to be the dusky velvet pink ankle boot set with crystal buckles all the way down the front. This style is called 'Madame Pompadour'  - Pink, Sparkly and expensive looking. Seriously,  what more could a girl want in an ankle boot?!... Nothing ? I know !

Yes a girl can dream , but unfortunatley we can not dream up wads of money. So it looks like ill have to wait until the highstreet stores clone the designs and bring them to us at about £30 a pair next year . . . but not to worry - one day my feet will meet the inside soles of a fabulous pair of Manolo shoes. I just know it!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Since when did this become perfection?

Having a break from the pile of uni work ive been trying my best to get done, i decided to maybe relax by catching up on the hills - as i havent actually watched an episode since i was at home during christmas time. However , rather than coming across a website where i could catch up on the amaizing programme that has had me hooked to TMF and MTV for years, i came across something that really shocked me!

Heidi Montag has had plastic surgery! .. No im not just talking about a boob job or anything like that, in total since November 2009 she has had :
1. Mini browlift
2. Botox to her forehead
3. A nose job "revision"
4. Fat injections to her cheeks and lips
5. A chin reduction
6. Neck liposuction
7. Her ears pinned back
8. A breast augmentation "revision"
9. Liposuction on her waist and thighs
10. Butt augmentation

Heidi Montag the 23 year old starlet from Orange County , who i personally believe was beautiful before she had surgery  supposedly went through with the operations in an urge to "feel attractive", and still has operations to go until she becomes as she said "the best me". What is with this sudden urge to be perfect? Whatever it is that seems to be making Heidi Montag want to look like a Barbie Doll has actually ended up making her look like some kind of plastic robot.  Harsh words i know, but i just cant seem to understand why women feel so pressured into having a 'perfect image'. Gone are the days when women never wore makeup and didnt really do much as far as their looks were concerned (im not saying we need to go back to this in society) but as cheesy as it may all sound, I believe that there is something about every girl that is beautiful whether it be her hair, eyes, face, body or personality ... and if people fail to see you for the beautiful person you are then you surely need to ask yourself - are they worth wanting to know? Didnt think so.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Just a thought ...

Today i went to work as usual on a Friday, and by mid afternoon i realised i had been thinking about a certain customer all day! .. NOT in a freaky or stalking way, she had just got me thinking about how fashion is basically a list of trends repeated over and over until a new trend is occasionally thrown in , and added onto that same list only to get repeated years later.

The lady who got me thinking came in with this pattern beginning with -  " I wonder if you could help me with this pattern dear, although im sure its years older than you are".  Basically she loved the pattern, and had been using it since she had originally bought it but had decided that whilst she like the design she wanted to somehow alter it to look different. After discussing her ideas together , she finally decided on giving the dress a slightly higher waist and bringing the skirt in at the bottom rather than flaring it out.From changing these two small details in the pattern , a new design had been created out of a new trend.

This is what got me thinking about how trends, especially in today's day and age are re - used again and again either fully or just a piece of the design throughout time to bring up new fashionable designs. This lady in particular obviously had a good eye for practical fashion as this pattern she had purchased roughly fourty years ago still comes in useful.  Then i got thinking that surely this should apply to us all if only even myself when im out shopping ? Countless times i have found myself in H&M , Topshop or Primark picking up items because i think their 'bargain pieces' or resemble something ive recently seen in one of Lady Gaga's music videos? ( lady gaga fans - don't get defensive! As fantastic as her outfits are, i would never see myself being able to pull them off! ) But quite frankly , the days are very rare when i wonder through rails of stock in any department store and find an item that will last me 40 years. However, im sure there are many things that i could tweak here and there to give myself  a completely new look without having to break the bank!  The only thing i need to do now ... is remember this next time im out on the highstreet ! wish me luck ...