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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Finally... something creative to do

So finally the rest of the fashion industry is beginning to go crocheting mad!... My sisters, my mother and I have all been waiting for this moment since - well since like forever!! Not only is crocheting a lovely hobby to pass some time on the long weekends about to approach us through April think Easter, royal wedding - but crotcheted garments are  also becoming a really fashionable look. Crotchet waistcoats and tshirts are set to be everywhere this spring - and boy am I excited!

Ive already got my crotchet hook out and will be frantically searching the Internet for ideas and patterns tonight! Ill keep you posted, but for now its ten minutes to one in the morning where I am, so I'm afraid I need my beauty sleep.

But as I said - I shall keep you posted on my crocheting plans!

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