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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hair trend forecast: Pink hair

Not a major fan of Gaga recently, arriving to the Brit awards in an egg, giving birth to herself in her latest video - all a tad bit too scary for my liking! I have however surprised myself by going a bit gaga myself for her look on the cover of Vogue magazine march 2011. The cut is a bit short for my personal taste but I still think it looks good.

What drags me to this particular look is the pink hair. Some of you may think its a bit commercial, a bit too lady Gaga or a bit of a joke - and that's okay as you are entitled to your own opinion. I however think its fabulous and what's more is that it has got me thinking how I could pull of the trend in a more wearable fashion (even though I love the all over look, I just don't think its something I could personally pull off). So here goes...

The first look I thought of was the re invented wonder that is dip dying. Re introduced to the fashion runways by Meadham Kirchhoff this spring / summer, dip dying has already become quite a trend. Celebrities such as Peaches Geldoff, Niki Minaj, Ellie Goulding, Fearne Cotton and Alexa Chung have become fans of the technique - and surprisingly, it seems easy enough to do it yourself.

The next look that came into my head was the coloured slice trend. I have had this done before when I was younger and it basically involves gathering 'slices' of underlying hair, possibly bleaching depending on your natural hair colour, painting the dye on and leaving it to dry in tin foil. With great looking results, celebrities such as Avril Lavigne, Rachel McAdams, Lady gaga and Katy Perry have all previously had it done. Although it would look uber fashionable, very now and really alternative to opt for a clashing colours with this style, I personally feel that more muted tones such as seem to carry this look off better for lighter hair, and warmer or darker shades for darker hair. But the fun is all in experimenting - and you could possibly prove me wrong!

For more ideas have a look at Richard Chai's Fall 2011 show where he wowed his audience with an unexpected but utterly brilliant hair look. See if you can figure out what it was...

For now I think I will have a little look about for more ideas (yes I will keep you posted) but the 'slices' seem to be winning me over big time. I have dark hair, but may opt for a slice of a dirty lilac colour to add an edgier look to the pretty and happening trend.

For tips on how to dip dye click on :

To dye streaks / slices of your hair... use the same process but dye slices rather than ends. I.e. make sure your careful and pin away the rest of your hair whilst dying one particular streak / slice of hair - otherwise it could get a bit messy! Need more tips? Visit your hair dresser!! Good luck!

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