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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Met Ball 2011: OUTFIT SPYING

So the last night celebrities of high status gathered at the Met ball, this year in honour of Alexander McQueen. As expected, each and everyone of them seemed as if they were trying to upstage each other on the best outfit front... but who was really worth a mention?! 

As you all know, I do quite like Alexa Chung. I used to find her quite, well without trying to sound too rude - quite annoying. But over the past year I have really grown to like her. Needles to say, she looked fabulous at the Met Ball. She wore a short matt sequined dress (daring for such an event) by Christopher Kane, but it worked - and she certainly pulled it off as stylish as ever.

Frida Pinto stepped onto the red carpet with a new look that is to emerge from the catwalks this up and coming autumn. The tuxedo trend. Rather than going for a typical suit however, she rolled up in a silk dress by Chanel. Quite unusual - but also quite interesting. Did it work?... I'm not  too sure on my opinion for this one yet.

The colour of mid night royal blue is almost never worn these days - how have we forgotten about it? Maggie Gyllenhaal looked absolutely stunning in this dress by Stella McCartney. One thing though Mag's, the dress is a bit see through, you may want to wear a bra next time. Over all though - how to describe it but beautiful?! 

Jessica Alba looked like a glowing star in her gold dress by Ralph Lauren. They do say your at your most beautiful when pregnant, and I think if anything she backs up that saying.

Last but not least - I have to mention Brooklyn Decker. She wore a fluorescent hot pink dress by Michael Kors that certainly captured every ones attention. In true summer style, she showed the 'paps' how to block party.  

What would you have worn to the Met ball? Who do you think should be crowned best dressed?


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