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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Trend report: Autumn / Winter 2011.

Autumn/ winter 2011 – 12 at London fashion week gave us an array of trends to snuggle up to over the long winter months. It seems that whatever your taste, this winter there will be a trend to suit everyone.

From striking statement fabrics (by Fendi), contemporary sixties attire (by Prada) to forties reminiscent designs (by Miu Miu) and in such contrast even contemporary male influence styled clothing (by Chanel), there literally is something for everyone in the fashion industry to take an interest in.

Just like Mary Quant re invented the skirt, the catwalks for this winter have re invented texture. We’ve seen numerous attempts at fashion week where designers have tried to get texture to catch on amongst fashion editors, fashion gurus and the rest of the world, but this year the designers made a concerted effort giving us a mix of sequin and wool coats, jackets and blazers, cotton trousers, fur coats, suede dresses, laced blouses and silk scarves.

Top designers put together metallic sequined and wool blazers teamed with sheer white shirts and cotton trousers (D&G), sequined shift dresses with fur stoles (Prada) and velvet tops both with hand fringed, and silk trousers (Michael Van Der Ham).

Less established designers certainly came as tough competition with selections of contrasting, loud and vivid designs. Who thought what sounds so wrong could actually be so right? Mary Katrantzou brought new ideas to the table with her flamboyant cyber space – themed patterns and Japanese inspired structured designs.

A couple of Mary Katrantzou's flamboyant designs for A / W 2011.
As far as clothes themselves are concerned whether it was shift dresses, trousers, skirts, blouses or blazers, detailed tailoring is definitely set to make an impression amongst fashion retailers, editors, buyers and followers.

Forties styled dresses and coats became the be all and end all to grace the runways by Miu Miu. They captured an essence of the jubilant forties twisted into modern day attire (large sleeves, modern paneling etc.).

The runways skipped a decade and threw us into fashion frenzy in accordance with the sixties. Shift dresses, mini skirts and blouses came bursting at us at Prada’s show. The colour palette a mixture of nude and bronze’s placed in what you could call a rainbow of bright colours.

Seventies wide legged trousers a.k.a plazzo pants stormed the runways earlier this year, but whilst they have still been a key item on the catwalks this season, they have been tweaked a little having been designed with lower waist bands, and unusual fabrics – think satins, silks and corduroy.

D&G and Chanel favoured men’s attire for their shows. They suited their models up in shirts, blazers and tailored trousers and skirts giving them a feminine touch with various use of textures – matted sequins were obviously a must.

Leighton Meester looking great as ever in her Prada male influenced suit for A / W 2011.
The rest of fashion week was full of numerous designers giving us a sneak peek into the future. Bright colours, cyber – themed patterns, shiny & matt fabrics… it were as if everything had been chucked together to create beautiful new shapes and trends to come. Louise Gray is a designer to look out for: she really pushed the boat with makeup design for this futuristic trend.

So there we have it: the main trends to look out for over the winter months of 2011 – 12.
The trends you should favour have to be texture, forties nostalgia and suiting up in men’s attire. They are the trends that we predict will catch on this year whilst the others may take an extra 12 months or so!

Now you have the trends all explained, you can begin collecting your winter wardrobe items over summer - It may seem a little early, but this is how the fashion industry works, so like it or lump it!

What trend will you be wearing this winter?


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