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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

How to wear stripes. S/S 2011

Stripes seem to be very in Vogue at the time being, whether you're a lover or a hater of this stripy takeover you will not be able to escape them this up and coming season - They. Are. Every where.

I  wont lie... I never used to be a fan. Rumours say they make anyone who doesn't look like a stick thin size zero model look wider than anyone could imagine. But having researched I found that this isn't true. NOW I LOVE STRIPES. However, they can and most probably will make you look wide if you wear them the wrong way - so that's where I am stepping in to help. We should all be able to experiment with fashion trends without having to be anorexic - so below are a few of the trendiest ways to be wearing the fashionably striped look this summer without looking like a whale. Enjoy! 

Colour blocking is a look we are all (or at least all should be) familiar with by now. There are ways to get it right and wrong - the important rule here is to remember that clashing your colours is a must! If you decide to opt for a stripy jumpsuit (striped jumpsuits have been seen all over the runways worldwide, and are exactlly what you want if your looking to update your wardrobe) then team it with a bright blazer - clashing waist handbag for an outfit worthy of a cover shoot for the likes of Vogue- And before you ask - yes, it's a bumbag... and yes, much to everybodies surprise it's also on trend.
Now who said your work clothes cant be fashionable? Stripes are so easy to fit into a proffessional look for a long day at the office. I personally think a baggy striped top looks great tucked into some tailored tan trousers... it makes a statment whilst being neutral. Finish off the look with striped accessories, but remember to vary the pattern a bit - by this I mean if you go for narrow width striped shoes, go for a wider width striped handbag & vice versa.  Rather than a messy top knot - yes I said it, tie your hair back in a slick pony tail to add a final look of fashionable professionalism to your ensemble.

This final look is a little more fun and daring! Now, unless your Kate Moss DO NOT, I repeat do not try and match the stripes exactlly - for example don't try to team black and white stripes with black and white stripes. Stripes on stripes is quirky, so why not play on this? Instead go for pink stripes on top and blue stripes on the bottom?! A bit of messing around with colour never hurt anyone! 
A little secret -  it works best to keep the brighter / louder shades for you smaller half. For example if your curvier on your bottom half than you are on your torso, then keep the brighter shades for your torso as it will help even your shape out!


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