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Thursday, 5 May 2011

My new Geppetto shoes.

Yesterday, I decided that I would allow myself a little shop - seen as I had been working hard on deadlines over the last month. So, I popped for a little look into Primark (nearly the only shop that meets my price range right now) and found a lovelly pair of brogues, and a clutch bag.

Bag - £6 Primark.
Brogues - £12 Primark.

Being a student I did feel quite guilty spending £18.00 on a pair of shoes and a bag, but I'm trying to look at it this way - I need a new pair of shoes, because all I have at the moment are a pair of biker boots, and pair of shearling aviator boots, needles to say these wont be doing me for summer. As for the bag? Well that was just nice, and I think it went well with the shoes. They do say that for every pair of shoes you have, you need a matching bag, so that was enough in justifying my spending!

It was much to my housemates humour however that I actually went ahead in buying the shoes. Yes, I was shocked too.  I don't think she quite gets the big fuss on brogues - I however love them. As soon as I picked them up in Primark, she burst into fits of giggles, only just about managing to blurt out the word 'Geppetto'. Later on when I asked her to explain her outburst at Primark, she told me that the shoes I had just bought resembled that of the shoes worn by 'Geppetto' in Pinocchioo - Now, she insists I call them my Geppetto shoes.

Okay, so they may be similar, but I really like them. I think their cute, sophisticated, smart and quite fashionable as it goes. They follow the trend set my Prada (amongst many others) seen at fashion week called 'suiting up' which is a trend that is highly male influenced - it is just up to you how colourful, girly, masculine or neutral you want to make it.

I want to bring them a bit up to date, so today I think I shall be wearing them with a pair of denim shorts, a pale moss green over sized top and of course the clutch bag. I think the jade green on the bag and pale moss green on the top will clash perfectly - without trying to sound too garish, contrasting colours are okay this season so it will work... I promise you.


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