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Friday, 8 April 2011

Grand National Weekend: What to wear

Its Grand National weekend, which is brilliant... but I've never really personally understood the hype. I'm not going to go into trying to figure out why that is but I'm sure you don't mind as I really doubt you'd want to be sat here all day finding out why either. But either way this year more than ever I have found that most of the people I hang around with are to sum up in one word - obsessed. Most of the boys I know are placing down their bets - if they haven't already. Most of the girls I know seem intrigued on what the celebs and A Lister's will be wearing to the events, basically everyone seems very enthused about the Grand Nationals.

So I have decided to stop being such a grump - and get myself involved! How will I be doing this? I will be telling you the hottest must have items - in true Grand National 'theme' -  to be seen wearing this weekend. If your expecting ladies day dresses and over sized hats, then you really might as well stop your race tracks now. The choices I will be bringing to your attention this morning are all very now, quite contemporary and can be dressed up or down for any occasion... wherever you will be this fine weekend.


The first steal I have found has to be this top. It is from ASOS and is only £15. What a dream! For a direct link click here.  This top is perfect for a day at the races or to be seen wearing whilst sipping on some expensive cocktails bought with your boyfriends winnings.
To dress down team with some turned up denim jeans, a lighter shaded denim jacket, or a cardigan with a pair of brogues and minimal makeup apart from a brightly coloured lipstick. Think neon pink or orange.
To dress up for the occasion, wear the top with leather shorts, or a muted coloured middi skirt with a fabulous pair of heels. For examples, click here, here or here.


The next must have item on the list is sure to be these knee patch leggings from H&M. They certainly capture an essence of Grand National weekend in true jockey - esque style.
These are fab and there is no way you will be able to live without them this summer. Perfect for the horse racing season, they will add instant glamour to any outfit - though I would recommend you team them with a plain top to ensure nothing is taken away from the general jist of the look. Take it from me, sometimes too much really is too much. Worn with a white off - cut t shirt, blouse or vest however, and you'll be worthy of the fashion limelight rather than a fashion disaster.

To keep it simple wear it with flats: think brogues, loafers or dolly's for the day time, and swap them with serious platforms for a great night time look. If you want to get even more in season then find yourself a brightly coloured clutch  with clashing jewellrey and need I say it again?... some brightly coloured lip stick.


Remember... as usual, None of the pictures / photographs in this post are intended to breach any forms of copy right. All images are for viewers purposes only.


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