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Saturday, 24 April 2010

printed pants !!

Before you think ive gone totally underwear mad, no - i am not going to try and push the public into wearing printed pants in the sense of wearing floral knickers / bloomers rather than trousers or skirts ! This is much better ...

Thanks to one of my friends kindly persuading me to have a look at some clothes on the internet ( which for those of you who don't know , i am not supposed to be doing at the moment as im trying to recover myself financially from being a complete shopaholic! ) i came across a new phenomenon future buy in my life. Printed pants , the trend other wise being known as and nicknamed ' pajama trousers ' .

No they are not actual pajama trousers , but have gained this nickname because of their likeness towards them. Basically this new trend for spring / summer 2010 covers any style of trousers - carrot shaped, tailored, harem, skinny jean etc that have been made using printed fabric. My favourite one's so far have all been in ditsy pretty and floral prints, and i think they would look fab with some bicker books, a plain vest top and a denim jacket for nice day during summer!

1 comment:

  1. Gareth Eaglestone27 April 2010 at 11:00

    OMG I absolutely love these pants, they are definitely the future of fashion and girlfriend I know that I'll be wearing them soon.


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