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Monday, 5 April 2010

Manolo's done it again ...

Just when we thought we had seen Manolo at the peak of his career as a shoe designer, he recently released his designs for Autum Winter 2010 - and Oh My are they beautiful.

The new 'axe' heel , creates a curve in the ankle that in his words -
"makes the leg look so great, so sexy and so cute".  Unlike the 'silent movie vamps' who inspired the brand spanking new designs, everyone is set to know about  his new collection for the simple fact that the collection is breathtaking, and truly unlike any other pair of heels shopaholics and fashionistas worldwide have ever laid eyes on.

My favourite of the designs he has released has to be the dusky velvet pink ankle boot set with crystal buckles all the way down the front. This style is called 'Madame Pompadour'  - Pink, Sparkly and expensive looking. Seriously,  what more could a girl want in an ankle boot?!... Nothing ? I know !

Yes a girl can dream , but unfortunatley we can not dream up wads of money. So it looks like ill have to wait until the highstreet stores clone the designs and bring them to us at about £30 a pair next year . . . but not to worry - one day my feet will meet the inside soles of a fabulous pair of Manolo shoes. I just know it!

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