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Sunday, 11 April 2010

I Blame CoCo

Last night, i thought id treat myself to a night out with some friends who were going to a small alternative club in southampton called Unit. If youve never been there, my first impressions were sceptical, but it was deffinatley somewhere id be happy to go to again on a night out!

Whilst standing and chatting to friends in the smoking area, one of my friends suddenly stopped mid conversation and whispered "Omg is that Coco" ... at this point we had all had a few drinks and thought she was being a bit delusional as we don't know of anyone called Coco.  However, we were soon proved wrong when we turned around to see non other than Coco Sumner ( Otherwise known as Stings daughter and the main singer of the indie / dance / pop band 'I blame Coco' )  .

Wearing an over sized dinner shirt buttoned right up to the top and  black shiny tights, she finished off the look with smoky eyes , nude lips and  above shoulder length matted backcombed waves in a middle parting. Totally Grunge Chick - and she pulled it off effortlessly.

About half an hour later, it was time for her performance on stage ... having never actually heard of her before i was quite impressed . She certainly had stage presence and began the show with her new personally written song - Caesar  (which also features Robyn, and was supposedly written to get back at her record label who wouldnt let her experiment in different types of music - Caesar being her old record label in this song!! ) She sang the night through to early morning whilst keeping the crowd happy and keeping the up the party vibe!

On waking up this morning i You Tubed her band, and must admit got a bit addicted to a couple of her songs!

Like it ??!! Then download it on 4 Shared Music for free  - I did , and haven't stopped listening to it since!

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