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Friday, 2 April 2010

Just a thought ...

Today i went to work as usual on a Friday, and by mid afternoon i realised i had been thinking about a certain customer all day! .. NOT in a freaky or stalking way, she had just got me thinking about how fashion is basically a list of trends repeated over and over until a new trend is occasionally thrown in , and added onto that same list only to get repeated years later.

The lady who got me thinking came in with this pattern beginning with -  " I wonder if you could help me with this pattern dear, although im sure its years older than you are".  Basically she loved the pattern, and had been using it since she had originally bought it but had decided that whilst she like the design she wanted to somehow alter it to look different. After discussing her ideas together , she finally decided on giving the dress a slightly higher waist and bringing the skirt in at the bottom rather than flaring it out.From changing these two small details in the pattern , a new design had been created out of a new trend.

This is what got me thinking about how trends, especially in today's day and age are re - used again and again either fully or just a piece of the design throughout time to bring up new fashionable designs. This lady in particular obviously had a good eye for practical fashion as this pattern she had purchased roughly fourty years ago still comes in useful.  Then i got thinking that surely this should apply to us all if only even myself when im out shopping ? Countless times i have found myself in H&M , Topshop or Primark picking up items because i think their 'bargain pieces' or resemble something ive recently seen in one of Lady Gaga's music videos? ( lady gaga fans - don't get defensive! As fantastic as her outfits are, i would never see myself being able to pull them off! ) But quite frankly , the days are very rare when i wonder through rails of stock in any department store and find an item that will last me 40 years. However, im sure there are many things that i could tweak here and there to give myself  a completely new look without having to break the bank!  The only thing i need to do now ... is remember this next time im out on the highstreet ! wish me luck ...

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