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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bought your ticket for Reading yet ?

Yes Yes Yes! That certain time of year has come when we're all fed up with gloomy winter days and just want to see a bit of sun. So what do we do ? ... buy our festival tickets for 2010 of course!

Having never been to a festival , im only excited and motivated to go so much this year due to the likes of their reputations. Okay so there's the mud, but there's also new music, hot eye candy, alternative fashionistas and a weekend to remember forever - along with chockingly cool and embarrassing photos to keep forever ... unless your camera gets stolen!

But I AM looking forward to the Reading festival this year, and will be buying my ticket soon enough! One other thing i have been tempted to buy for the event is a straw trilby, i think there going to be a HUGE trend all over the festival season this year.

The two looks im considering are :
a/ To pay a visit to tomboy town  and wrap an old tie around where the ribbon should be. Effortlessly funky.
b/ To turn into a complete and utter festival queen hippie and sew on some fake flowers around the sides ?

The best thing is , although the posh one's are quite expensive, its vintage in these days (and cheap!!!) to run down to the charity shop and pick one up for a couple of quid. Okay .. so maybe reframe from actually running to the charity shop for one yeah? Their not actually that trendy ... yet!

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