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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Who Loves Florence Welch ? We do ...

When ever i think about/ see a photograph of or hear about Florence Welch , the singer in the collaboration Florence and the Machine, one word comes to mind. Jealous. Im not going to lie, when she first hit the screens of MTV and TMF music channels, i was a bit suprised and unsure as to whether or not she would actually last. Unlike Shakira, Beyonce, Girls aloud, Fergie or any other mainstream act Florence Welch hit the music industry with a breath of fresh air which in her case was her  individuality and her firey red lucious locks.
Okay, so she has been recognised by her music far more than for her dress attire , but i for one think that this miss is one super stylish layde.
I love love love this outfit , for the simple reason that its grundge meets rock chick (one of my new found favourite styles) but still looks femenine thanks to the tulip shaped skirt and the floral print on her bag!
This has been quite a key look down south this winter, where girls all over the South Coast have been rocking leather jackets and lace up boots!

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