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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The new haircut of 2010 ?

Recently , whilst watching a music video on youtube, i came across what may look to be the new haircut for 2010. This strikingly punk meets pretty hairstyles has taken hollywood by storm by the likes of Cassie and Rihanna.Undoubtably this haircut has an aquired taste, but i dont personally think that any regular Joe or Sally could pull this one off ...

Dont get me wrong, i do like it (i think) i just wish  the shaved head look would suit me too! Looking at the two of the many ways in which this haircut is being worked by the A listers, i quite like Rihanna's mohaug version and like the two colours her stylists have worked into it! She's definatley got the two - textured hair look nailed.

Still unsure of whether this cut will find itself as the next pob or pixie cut in the British Public, ill leave you with this question, Would you get it done in your local hairdressers? As stylish as it is , i dont think so ... unless it is your plan to be walking the red carpet any time soon?

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