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Monday, 15 August 2011

YSL to copy Louboutin?

If you, like me were brought up to recognize that red soled shoes were signs of money, style and above all the trademark of Christian Louboutin... then you may, like me be appalled that YSL have recently been found out to have plans to copy the trademark. 

Louboutin requested in court that YSL will be stopped from featuring red soles on shoes in its Spring / Summer collection for 2012.  Having had this request denied in court, Louboutin's lawyer has recently announced they have appealed the judges decision - and will 'fight like hell' to ensure that red soles remain a sign of Louboutin shoes. 

The Judge has allowed YSL to continue producing the red - soled shoes set to appear in next years Spring / Summer line, and it has been said that he also hinted that Louboutins unwritten rights to the colour may be coming to an end.

After all - there is no law to say that YSL can not use red soles, but there is more of an unwritten rule. I personally say it is a matter of respect. Every woman who knows anything about fashion will be able to tell you that red soled shoes = Christian Louboutin. If I were a designer I would certainly not like to be associated with having copied someonelse's trademark - and this is sure to be stigma that will be associated with YSL if they are given the 'all clear' to go ahead with their shoes.

All there is to do now is to wait for the courts decision. In the mean time - I would urge all designers to copyright their designs! Lets hope that copying does not become a trend to stick in the limelight amongst the fashion industry!


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