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Monday, 1 August 2011

TREND ALERT: Winter 2011 - Graphic Tartan.

One trend in particular I think most people have overlooked since the days of 'Clueless' is tartan. Well its back and set to take over the fashion front this winter.  But how do you get it right without looking like your trying to re - live the days of the (formerly adored) clueless character Cher Horowitz... well its simple really: 

First of all, you will need to dig out the tartan - before you start making excuses, I don't care whether or not you bought it willingly, or if it was forced on you by a friend or grandmother who has no clue about fashion trends - because now, it is back in fashion (and you will need it if you want to make your winter wardrobe to die for this up and coming season.)

If you honestly do not have any tartan hiding in a suitcase under your bed, or in a taped up box in the attic, then fear not... tartan will not yet be available in most shops as their still getting rid of their summer stock, but you can get your hands on some in charity shops or fabric shops.

Secondly you may want to re - vamp it a little. Forget heritage, tartan is meant to look edgy this winter. So go to your closest haberdashery, fabric store or general DIY store and invest in some fabric dye - the brighter and more hideous looking the better. (Yes, faded neon  or even clashing tartan would have put you right at the bottom of the fashion know how ladder once upon a time, but edgy means quirky, unusual and cool so the brighter and more unusual looking the better.

If you don't feel like getting your hands dirty or if you just have no time to run around dying tartans, then please don't think that you can not be fashionable this fall. You can achieve the 'edgy colourful' look by adding on bright accessories - think brightly colour shoe laces, gloves, skinny belts etc. The bonuses are that it will take less time than dying fabric, and you can vary the accessories to what colour you fancy or mood your in each and every day. 

So now you have your graphic / colourful tartan at the ready... what are you supposed to do with it? Well that's the easiest part of all, tartan is going to be fashionable as every item of clothing you can imagine - think trousers, dresses, parachute skirts, shorts, ponchos, bags, jackets, coats and even tshirts! So the choice really is your own. Just whatever you do, do not make a matching suit - I meant it when I suggested the days of Cher Horowitz were over.


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  1. Oh emm gee ... I heart graphic tartan, I may even try dying and old jacket I have. WOO.


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