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Saturday, 4 June 2011

PASTEL RAINBOW - pick one colour only & vary the shades.

The colour PINK has received numerous rounds of applause as it re appeared on the runways for s/s 2011. keep it simple and don't mix it with too may colours if your going for the ombre pastel look. The whole point is to stick to one colour - but different shades
 Forget about pale blue. Its all about pale turquoise. As you are mixing shades of a certain colour together - it is okay to put a bit of blue in there... as long as the bulk is kept on trend = turquoise. Paler shades of this colour are surprisingly flattering on pale complexions. If you want to make the look a little more interesting then add in a bit of black or white, or maybe just make use of texture? Go for it.
Coral is another word for orange. Peach is forbidden when it comes to the coral colour palette... okay? You'll just look like your wearing your grandma's prom dress, so lets not even go there. Coral tones are however in the same 'family' as pink and orange. Keep the shades muted though - or else you be partying with the clashing crew at the block colour party - not relaxing at the pastel rainbow.

Whilst every one has always liked the colour yellow - I'm guessing no one has really ever given it any space in their wardrobes. Okay - lets just set one thing straight - unless you choose to wear the brightest shade imaginable, wearing yellow will not make you look like a bumble bee. It will however warm up paler skin tones, and flatter darker skin tones - so really everyone wins! Great!


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