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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Block Party

Colour block your way through the new season. 
WORDS // Louise Dawson. 

t is no exaggeration that winter seems to last forever. It made its appearance last year about mid-September – so four months later, no wonder we are lusting after the new 2011 spring trends. There are yet again many trends to choose from and it is easy to get lost amidst the clothes rails searching for what style is going to wow your wardrobe this up and coming season. Silk Vests and 70s trousers are a must and work for day and night time. If you are looking to start this year in the mutually appreciative awe of all fellow fashion gurus then be bold, proudly embrace the kudos of colour collision, and opt for clashing colours to update and add colour to your life! 

Jil Sander S/S 2011 - shows us how to work the
optimistically bright coloured trend
From year to year bright colours always have and will continue to appear in full force on the fashion runways.  Bright colours were first really made a big deal of in the seventies when we saw the rise of the ‘hippy’. Whilst they did make fabulous usage of every colour imaginable – they focused more on the patterns rather than the actual colours. Patterns soon became out dated and thus the colour blocking began. Colour Blocking fought through trends such as New Romance, Punk and American Prep and soon became part of power dressing that has since stayed around (think Marc Jacobs NY Fashion week 2009 – not Lady Gaga or Boy George) followed by this colour blocking soon became one of the leading trends to follow – especially during the seventies and eightees. So what’s changed? Apart from the obvious facts that shoulder pads are out and we will not be wearing leg warmers with matching wristbands, the only thing that has really changed is that the new focus seems to be on bright clashing colours rather than pastels and neon’s. 

To start you off a few rules and tips to remember with this trend are that: 
  • It is okay in fact to make your outfit clash. Think orange and pink, yellow and red. Yes the past ‘sins’ of fashion are now back to be its ‘saviours’. 
  • Reframe yourselves from going for the multicolor patterned vibe. The trick is to be colour blocking – Not to be colour belligerent. Jill sander and Raoul have the right idea on their runway shows.  
  • This vibrant trend does not necessarily mean you have to throw out your wardrobe, if you’re panicking because you do not have any bright bits of clothing then panic not – invest in some vibrant accessories such as skinny belts, handbags and chunky jewellery.

If you are one of those people who still have the ‘urge to merge’ then do not worry. Why not take inspiration from Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2011 runway show and wear a brightly colored lipstick with some matching nails.  If this still doesn’t please you’re scare to be bold then opt for a more minimal look on the trend like those seen in the current collection of a new designer, who is certainly one to look out for – Cynthia Rowley. Its Art Deco meets high fashion. High fashion you can carry off.

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