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Friday, 14 May 2010

A Stitch and a bitch anybody?

Last week , I finally finished my coursework and managed to actually get it all in on time! Thank God ... sigh of relief ! But now having finished my first year I find myself thinking of things to do to keep my creativity fueld throughout the summer break. The reason that im caught for thought on this one  , is that whilst I want something exciting to do that will keep myself occupied over the next few months , I also plan to be working full time - so really, I wont have too much free time to get my creative freak on.

Always having been interested in knitting, i found a ball of pink wool along with some needles and an old knitting pattern for a cardigan.  So seeing as I am currently at home for a few weeks, I thought I would attend the local Stitch and Bitch group last night ,who meet every two weeks on a thursday night at the local haberdashery (where might I add I worked in for five years before I began university) .  After catching up with some of the old regulars, I found myself doing what i do best - impulse buying . I soon realised I had recklessly thrown myself head first into the wool section. Head full of choices, hands full of wool, fingers entwined in large balls of marble chunky that i had discoverd in an aray of glorious colours, my trip to the wool section had gone from being just that, to a mamoth woolfest expidition.  I quickly managed to calm myself down re assuring myself that now wasnt the last chance id have in life to rid the wool shop of its marble chunky stash. So honestly,  I think I had gotten away lucky, and on impulse buying  i had managed to escape with only four giant balls of wool and three pairs of knitting needles. Great at the time , but little did i actually think about the task I had forced myself into.

None the less, i now have something to keep me occupied this summer and if you havent already guessed as to what that may be, I shall be knitting cardigans until i find myself doing it in my sleep. Wish me luck lovers. And yet again ... I shall keep you all updated on my progress.

Photograph: Taken by Stephanie Dawson. Knitting in Steph's kitch bedroom on our knitting re union.

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